Let Go Like Water

A Journal of Awakening


Every day ~ the whole of my life ~ becomes an act of letting go.

Me and Pi

There is a God

IMG_9582.JPGThe grain structure of the Zero particles eliminates the need for Dark Matter, and eliminates the strangeness of Quantum Physics. Particle, wave duality is just a particle travelling through scalar particles. Read more…

On Edge


Go Tell God



Q. Where are you going?  A. I don’t know. Q. Why don’t you know? A. Does anyone know? Q. Some people do. A. Really? You know your future? Q. Of course I do, I spend time planning. A. Raise you hand if you know you will be alive at midnight. Q. But we must plan. A. No, you must plan. I prefer not to.

Food for Thought



What is real? As I caught my redfish, Paris was headed for trouble.

By Chance ~

303227_2620910203608_95523013_nOr by Choice?

Remember ~ When you arrive at the fork in the road ~ take it.

Coffee Wars


Yeah – it looks a little dirty. The sock turns brown and stays that way. The wood gets stained, from early morning spills. It’s Ok.

Give me a sock and some good coffee.

I use to drag a ten cup Mr. Coffee with me, everywhere I went. ~ Goodbye to that!

Now, when I come to the modern world, with it’s Jetson bean machines, I have my third world apparatus in tow.

Have I won or lost this coffee war?

Like, Heaven or Hell, it’s the Doors of Perception.

*I found this in my drafts. It’s an example of my here again, there again life.

* I’m back.

End 2 Begin

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am stepping out of my blog.

This blog has been my best friend. It has been a tool for growth. It has been a means, to inadvertently tell my story, and stay linked to my estranged family.

I have never pursued readers. My content is what it is. It’s a journal. I’m not selling anything.

This is my art.

It has forced me to pause and relay my thoughts, to those that I love.  Not controlling ~

To, speak my truth, let go and find freedom. Read more…

Left Behind?

IMG_0117I’m feeling left out. All of my amigos have moved on to Instagram and left me to stall out on Facebook.

It makes me think ~ I could have stayed on a longboard all of those years.

Why chase the crowd?


The Instance of


The 19th century was also the beginning of modern science, with the work of Louis Pasteur, Charles Darwin, Gregor Mendel, Michael Faraday, Henri Becquerel, and Marie Curie, and inventors such as Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell. The world was changing rapidly, too rapidly for many, who feared the changes taking place and longed for a simpler time. The Romantic movement exemplified these feelings. Romantics tended to believe in imagination over reason, the “organic” over the mechanical, and a longing for a simpler, more pastoral times. Poets like William Wordsworth and William Blake believed that the technological changes that were taking place as a part of the industrial revolution were polluting their cherished view of nature as being perfect and pure.[9] – from the history – of technophobia – Wikipedia

would not call my apprehension, imagination over reason. We don’t have to turn back too many pages, to see the rapid acceleration of technology.

It’s out of my control. Read more…

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