Secondhand Surfer


Family Poem

Nicotine/Jelly Bean~Methadone and Beer

Lying eyes/Sullen mouth

A life that’s full of FEAR

Fresh air and Sunshine

Sparkling Eyes and Smiles

Filled with Grace and Spirit Lead

Who will guide us Through our Trials

The family that prayers together~stays together.

The family that drinks together~stinks together.

*yes, you may quote me on that

What’s Next?

DSCN0753My interpersonal relationships play themselves out, in repeated fashion.

Therefore, I ask, “What’s the big deal?”

Define family:

For me, an ill-defined problem – Read more…

Cumpleano ~


Quote This


Yes, I made this entire wave.

Don’t misconstrue my thought here, but those who I consider to be the best surfers on the island are charging dry barrels up the beach.

This shot was taken at the Fernandina Beach Pier, which is my favorite wave back home.

I sent this photo, along with a Bio to a Florida Women of the Waves Event

My Bio – Cheri Eagerton Royal

Every time I paddle out, I feel I’m baptized. I’m starting new. (You can quote me on this.) Read more…

Shell Shocked


Tree Talk


Pig Speak


Today’s Work

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is my pic of the day – photoshopped.

I made numerous alterations to achieve this image.

The waves were nice and once again – I had no ride to the beach, but no worries. I took my fins and Olympus and swam out in the break to get photos. It was my first day out with fins. I got slammed. But it was so much fun.

Blair Road

This is where I wanted to be.

This is where I was.

And they thought that I was weird.

Pipe Dreams

tap-study-1Exit the doorway. The patterns of life. Light leaks in darkness. The rhythm of textures. Concrete supporting the ripples of our thoughts.

Dreams + Drugs = A Drain

Photo by Noir

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