Let Go Like Water

A Journal of Awakening


Every day ~ the whole of my life ~ becomes an act of letting go.

Me and Pi

Good Bye World

Joan Didion.jpg

This is Joan Didion

Joan was a journalistic writer, born in 1934. Although she moved because of her father being in the military, she is “from” Sacramento. California.


A more recent pic of Joan. She is 82.

I have only read pieces of her work, and articles written about her.

ursla guin.jpg

This is Ursla Guin.

She is a long time, successful science fiction writer.

Most of the people who look at my blog, have probably never heard of them. They have become two of my heroes. Not only for their writing, and the character of their lives, but they don’t have face lifts.

How brave is that?

I had set a goal of 500 posts, before closing it out. I was pulling old writings from the past, using a countdown. But it’s not working for me.

I am ready to leave. Buy I would like to say ~

Writing has saved me.

Art has saved me.

And it still saves me.

Both of these women began writing young. This was not the case for me. One of my great aunts gave me a diary, when I was perhaps ten. The blank pages of that small book were a treasure.

I was scared to write.

I was scared of my life.


Little did I know I had much to say.


“I will not be “famous,” “great.” I will go on adventuring, changing, opening my mind and my eyes, refusing to be stamped and stereotyped. The thing is to free one’s self: to let it find its dimensions, not be impeded.”
― Virginia Woolf, A Writer’s Diary

Word Press gave me my first post title ~ Hello World

I will give it my last ~ Good Bye World

Successful Slacker

#29 – some one mentioned this pic to me recently. It’s from way in the past. When the walk to the Rivermouth was an everyday thing – it was our backyard. It’s best to be uncontrollable.

Let Go Like Water

I have been reflecting on my life. As I have always done~too much, according to some. But who are they anyway.

It is obvious to me that I am a slacker.

In the earlier years of my life I would try to go to work. But I always hated it. I would quit at the first hint of having to compromise my integrity. Jobs were always boring, grueling, and inconvenient.

I do think that things might have been different if I had been able to get a higher education, but I had a problem completing the lower education.

As it turns out, I have been able to achieve success. Success in my eyes. When I gave up any thought of being competitive, or doing what people expected of me and started doing what was in my heart, and BELIEVING that I could do these things, my life took off.

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Good Morning!

#30 – this post tells it all. In 87′, I stepped out of the world of competition. I live in a world of abundance. I live one day at a time. I woke up and realized all of my instruction had to be abandoned. A new day was in order for me. A lot transpired between that year and 2012. The photo is from Hurricane Sandy, which marked the beginning of my relationship with DSLR photography. God is good!

Let Go Like Water

IMG_7838wppGood morning!

Everyday I want to rise up and enjoy the day the Lord has made.

I’ve been journaling, for around twenty-five years. I began a computer journal in 1997. I have stories, poems, detailed accounts of my life and my feelings. I have to do lists and declarations. I found a magic in writing. It helps to keep me centered.

When I go back and read, I’m always glad that I wrote.

This photo is another taken during Hurricane Sandy. It’s an anonymous surfer. Photographing this storm caught me by surprise. I felt my addiction to the ocean, to my camera and surfing. I talked to so many people, that I would have never met, had I not had my camera.

I will always have a bit of  OCD, ADD, ADHD and a few other letters of the alphabet. But I transformed on the beach, vicariously surfing…

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Andrew Broughton

#31 – If I do say so myself.

Let Go Like Water

IMG_6707Good morning!

 What a great shot.

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Baby Junkie

#32 – I always liked this post. Today on the beach, I listened to a woman telling me about her photographic aspirations at 16. As I paddled out into the line up, where I knew Kassia Meador was, my brain was thinking of my sixteenth year. In her sixteenth year she won the California Wahine Contest after surfing for only two years. I felt my gratitude, the cramp in my foot, my shyness and my frustration. I am always letting go like water. I am too old to give a sh*t.

Let Go Like Water

Unknown-1Baby Junkies either jump ship and learn to swim a clean life, or they drown in the syrupy tides of the Netherworld, gulping their last, pharma-contaminated breath.

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Holy Higher Power

#33 – I don’t want to forget this post. Funny…you had to be there.

Let Go Like Water


Did I hear you use the Lord’s name in vain? You son of a sheep dog.

Don’t you know, there are Sisters of the Square Chairs present.

Their newly Virginized ears are scorched by your heathen language.

Yes, we were once dregs and sluts, but now we are of the non-denominational, New Order of the – No, Alcohol was not our Problem, Joy Club.

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My Funeral

#34 Written in the thick of it all. This blog has been about keeping it together. Writing can be a healing form of art, as it all is for me. No need to cry. Life is too short.

Let Go Like Water

wrecksWednesday, I went to the funeral, of a friend, who died suddenly, from a heart attack. He was 45. Yes, the chapel was small, but it was filled with people. Every seat was taken, and some were standing in the back and up the side aisles.

I wondered, if I died, who would be at my funeral?  Numerous images came to mind. First – No one. Then, maybe a few friends from the Amelia Room, a social club that I have belonged to, through the years. They would be gathered at a spot by the beach, spreading my ashes in the wind. Surely, some of my surf buddies would be in attendance. And maybe some brothers and sisters, from my church, would say a few prayers. “I don’t know”. I just don’t know how all of that would happen. First you die, and then the word spreads. Hopefully…

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The Business of Blogging

#35 ~  I am randomly posting from the past. Both mentioned bloggers, bowed out years ago; as it seems, with most of the people that I started with.  All of these non-paying technological commitments that I have persevered in, seem to paying off. They say, “patience and perseverance is the key to all success”.

Let Go Like Water

It seems I have given myself yet another job, where I work for FREE.

My unpaid jobs pay me in a way that money cannot provide.

I enjoy writing my blog. I think it’s because it is socializing. I connect with all kinds of people. People I will never see and never know, except through their writing and their pictures.

I read other people’s blogs and yes, we are all stories. There are three that have affected me recently; The Skeptical Teenager, The Beauty Within and another one that I can’t find again. I thought for sure I liked one of her posts, but it’s not on file. She was a woman whose grammar didn’t exist. She wrote in the vernacular and her blog was the story of her life. She only had four posts and I couldn’t believe it~she had 78 followers.

Writing is very powerful.

It is…

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Walk Don’t Run Thru Costa Rica

#36 – I put this tent up to practice my real estate photography. Like I always say, I try to keep it simple. Tico ~ it doesn’t get any better

Let Go Like Water

IMG_1914mmWhat does a surfer or adventurer really need in Costa Rica?IMG_1851~ I was always more interested in the nature ~IMG_1854 ~ a simple cheap place to lay my head ~IMG_1919~ a nice place to drink my cafe con leche ~IMG_1867~ and a safe place to meditate ~

I once overheard a local, Fernandina Beach surfer, Eric Hatton say, “If you have a roof and a hose, you have living space in Costa Rica.” His words changed my life!

* Having spent a lot of time in Costa Rica, I know how important it is to have water running through the hose.

* It’s best to experience Costa Rica as cheap and as slow as you can.

*The sunsets are FREE!


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Day One ~ ODE-Eye-Sea

I always did like this post. #37 in the countdown.

Let Go Like Water

Vogel Drei

Old bones dance like dragon’s teeth
little birds tweet of niggas, hate and whores
who would have thought such pretty birds
had such dirty mouths
with bones that are sponges
and wings that are clipped
the birds, they squawk
like gulls
with rotting fish hanging from their gaping mouths
I have my spine
I have my orange crush
and under the burden of the sea
I am weightless
and patient
as only time
can be

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